Enrolment Procedures

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

1. Read through the following pages to ensure you understand the expectations upon you and what you are agreeing to;
2. Sign the Student Agreement section and return it to us;
3. Where conditions are listed, provide evidence that you have met these conditions;
4. Include your enrolment deposit.
Before signing this agreement, it is important you understand:

  • What you are agreeing to
  • Our Fees, Charges and Refund policy
  • Our policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook
  • Your responsibilities as a student
  • Our responsibilities as the RTO.

Therefore we have summarised some of this for you below. Please ensure you also refer to the Student Handbook, Course Outline and Course Brochure for further information.

Studying with LAF College of Vocational Education

LAF College of Vocational Education is a young, dynamic and friendly College in attractive surroundings located in Sunshine, approximately 10 kms from the central business district of Melbourne.
We are dedicated to providing you with a quality program that are sound in concept, implemented by a dedicated team of educators and geared towards those seeking a solid education foundation for employment in their chosen field.
We achieve this by our experienced and committed instructors, small class sizes, flexible start dates and our nationally recognised and standardised curriculum, to ensure that you get the most out of the time that you invest in your education.
We provide a learning environment in which education and culture go hand in hand, as it seeks to develop the full potential of each student.
LAF College of Vocational Education has 2 campuses and 1 head office. Each campus has been designed to accommodate the different types of qualifications.
Campus Location

  • Hampshire Road Campus: Hairdressing campus
  • Sun Crescent Campus: Beauty and ESL campus
  • Head Office: 15 Sun Crescent

Campus Addresses

  • Hampshire Road Campus is located at 270 Hampshire Road, Sunshine Victoria
  • Sun Crescent Campus is located at 27 Sun Crescent, Sunshine Victoria
  • Head Office/Student administration is located at 15 Sun Crescent, Sunshine Victoria

The Student Administration Office can be contacted on 03 9311 1586 and is open for full time students between the hours of 8.00 am and 9.00 pm, Monday to Friday. The person who will be there to speak to you is the Campus Manager. You can also email student administration at info@laf.vic.edu.au if you need anything or that you have any questions that you would like answered outside of office hours.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment to you is:
LAF College of Vocational Education is committed to providing quality in training and assessment delivery. We are committed to:

  • Providing nationally recognised training that meets the needs and expectations of students and industry.
  • Providing state accredited training that meets the needs and expectations of students and industry.
  • Meeting the requirements of the VET Quality Framework and striving to exceed the standards of excellence where possible.
  • Delivering courses that are flexible, that meet the needs of a diverse range of students and have a holistic approach to training and assessment.
  • Producing graduates who are appropriately trained, skilled and experienced, and who have the skills required by industry.
  • Engaging with the industries in which our training and assessment services are provided to ensure that courses remain current, accurate and are reflective of industry requirements.
  • Maintaining a supportive learning environment that is conducive to the success of our students, our staff and other clients.
  • Ensuring that students and persons seeking to enrol receive clear, accurate and detailed information about our services prior to enrolment in a course.
  • Recognising all qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any other Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).